In general, this blog related to learning/using Microchip microcontrollers family (PIC microcontrollers). Software writes on C programming language and compiles with Hi-tech PICC compiler (PIC16) or Microchip XC8 (PIC18). Also, you can find posts about analog electronics, some code of my Verilog-A blocks and little bit information about linux (suse).

Sometimes there are posts about my projects (usually microcontroller based devices), in which I put whole designing flow – functional diagram, code, schematics and pcb (the last one I design with Eagle software).

Links and contacts:

Hope, you’ll find all needed information!

One important note: I know that my english isn’t good and this is main reason for what I’ve started to translate my blog (because I try to improve it), if you find mistake, please correct me. Thanks!

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  1. Hi,
    I hope you are doing well. I was searching for the varactors when I came across your blog. I have some questions. If you don’t mind can i ask?

    • Sure, but I don’t think that I can be helpfull in discrete electronics, I’m working mostly in analog IC design.
      And sorry for such late response, I had couple serious projects going on that time.

  2. Thank you for replying.
    I need to characterize the transistor (NMOS) as a varactor but in pair. Can you please help me how to do it?

    • In pair? Are you designing LC VCO?

      Usually, all you need from it, is C vs V, so just supply some bias voltage to ends which are going to be connected to LC tank and sweep the Vcontrol voltage and measure capacitance. Rather, you need to characterize Q as well, it, probably simpler to get from S parameters analysis.

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