How to connect spectre model in cadence virtuoso

If you have a spectre model which you want to connect to symbol and simulate it all:

1. Create the symbol (pin names should not begin with numbers, although in model text pin names can be numbers).

2. Click Save as and save symbol as spectre view.

3. Go to icfb -> Tools -> CDF -> edit  (Base level) add parameter “model” (paramType = string, parse as number = no, parse as CEL = yes) and give it any name.

4. In simulation Information -> spectre set Other parameters in model and in TermOrder put all pins in right order.

That it, we’ve done with symbol. In your testbench just go to properties of our device and give model name for “model” field. Also, you should connect this model in “Model libraries” menu. Now you can simulate your spectre model 🙂

If you want to connect spice model, instead of spectre, then just put next string at the top of model text.

simulator lang=spice