Experiment #13. Software I2C protocol realization.

I choose software realization of I2C protocol as the next experiment. There isn’t description of this protocol, only realization, google has a lot information of i2c 🙂


Goal: To make connection between PIC16f628a and IO port expander PCA9539 by i2c

What we have: PIC16f628a, PCA9539, devboard.

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Experiment #12. Work with EEPROM

Goal: To write and read EEPROM

What we have: PIC16f628a and simple devboard.

Microcontroller PIC16f628a has 128 bytes of EEPROM memory on board, not too much but we have what we have. Hi-tech PICC compiler has internal functions for work with EEPROM, but here I’m going to make some my personal functions.

Let’s look at the EECON1 register:


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