MAX232 to RS232 level converter

As you can understand from title, this article is short manual about assembling of device which allows to make connection between your uart device and a PC by COM port.

I’ve assembled my converter at the simplest schematic: two wires from RS-232 port and two wires to uC – it is enough for my needs. Here is beautiful picture with this schematic (I got it from

I’ve made PCB in Altium Designer:

There is small bug at this pcb: I had footprint only for male connector and when I tried to remake it, I made a mistake – right signals not on 2, 3, 5 pins, but on 1, 3, 4.

Here is 3d version of PCB, just fir fun 🙂

Now, time for a test. Just shorts TX and RX and type and terminal any symbol: if device works properly, you see this symbol at terminal immediately, like that:

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